Welcome to The Law Blog of Melanie R. Costantino

Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this forum is to not only to inform you of the recent developments of the law or about interesting or unique situations or cases that I may be working on, but also “news that you can use” to help you make important decisions.

My blog will offer some insight into the decision-making process concerning your own estate to end-of-life planning, to special needs trusts for disabled or ill family members, to hiring caretakers or care managers to assist you with a loved one’s care.

My goal is to provide compassionate, passionate representation as well as a unique way of looking at and solving real-world problems in a real-world way. I also plan to use this blog to give you a window into how I see myself as a professional, as well as how I see the evolution of the practice of law. The days of using a “law firm” are almost over – too cumbersome, and too expensive for most individuals and small businesses. Today’s attorney and law office is small – either solo or a small firm – that uses little overhead, charges reasonable rates, and promotes innovative, cost-effective solutions.

I thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to helping you and the challenges that lie ahead.

Coming soon: What is a care manager – and what to look for in hiring one?

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